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Welcome to the Monmouth University Campus Program

We are excited to be a part of Monmouth University's evolving campus.  We are looking to deliver the best campus bike rental experience possible.  This page contains information about our program, detailed instructions on how to rent one of our bikes, and a feedback form to help us hone our program to your needs on campus.

Our Story

Beach Bike Boys was founded with a very simple mission statement: 

Improve sustainability through micro mobility. 


We were set to launch in February of 2020.  One pandemic later, we've come out swinging in Long Branch and the surrounding area.  Our delivery rental service has seen great initial success and Monmouth U's campus program will become our flagship campus bike program.  Our aim is to better integrate the University into the local community and allow riders better access to their surroundings while we introduce sustainable programs across the Jersey Shore. 

Below is detailed instructions on getting signed up for our bike share system.

Step 1Registering In the System

First, make sure that your GPS and Bluetooth are enabled on your phone. 

Bloom Bike App.png

Next, open the Bloom Bike App and create an account.

Then, open the Bloom Bike App and create an account.

Instruction Screeshots 1.png

Select the Monmouth U system.  Read our Rules to Ride and the terms and conditions and confirm once you have done so. 

Upload your ID/Driver's License and await approval.  Call us if you are in a rush.  You will receive confirmation when you are approved for the system. 

Instruction Screenshots2.png

How To Use

Step 2: Renting Your Ride

First, locate the bike that you would like to rent and inspect it for any obvious issues.  Please report any broke or malfunctioning bikes.  Below is our recommended pre ride checklist.

Pre Ride Checklist.png

To unlock the bike, scan the license plate QR code through the Bloom App.

Instructions Screenshots 4.png

Wait for the mechanical whirring sound and press the button on the right side of the lock to unlock the bike.  Make sure the lock's tether is clear of the wheel.

Instructions Screenshot 5.png

Step 3:  Ending Your Rental

To end your ride, please loop the lock's tether through the back wheel and place the end back into the right side of the lock.

Take a picture of the bike parked at a station to end your ride.  Call us if you run into any issues along the way!

Instructions Screenshot6.png

We've attached mechanical locks as

a way to lock the bike should the Bluetooth lock malfunction.  Give us a call for the code if necessary.

BBB Monmouth U Map.png

Our first on campus location is outside near Cedar Hall.



We want your feedback on how we can improve our campus program.  We're open to anything, we simply want our campus program to be the best it can be.  We were founded by a scientist.  Experimenting is in our DNA. 

(732) 443 4278

Give Us Your Feedback

Thanks for submitting!

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