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Locate with BLOOM App

Find one of our GPS enabled bikes with your phone by downloading the Bloom App.

Unlock with Camera

Scan the QR Code at the station and on the bike you'd like to ride to unlock it.

Ride to a station.

Enjoy your ride!  To end it,  slide the lock on the back wheel until it clicks, once you have returned it to a marked bike rack.





     Founded by an Astrobiologist from the Jersey Shore concerned about the threat of rising global CO2 levels, Beach Bike Boys was created to turn the tide.  We are the eco friendly public transportation system of the future for beach towns.  We believe that bikes should be utilized for public transportation, not just rented as a novelty. 

     By taking advantage of integrated smart phone, GPS and Bluetooth technology, we offer a pick up and drop off anywhere rental service that offers unmatched convenience at an unbeatable price point.   We create public and private transportation systems dedicated to cutting down on automobile traffic, allowing you the freedom to go where you want, when you want. 

     If you are interested in getting a system, curious about investment opportunities, or have questions or feedback contact us below!



23 Emmons St

Unit 102

Long Branch

New Jersey 07740

(732) 443 4278


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